Back to Cairo

I missed the 25th of January appraisal I wasn’t there , it was a huge historical event and it was huge because of the so many people involved ,millions stacked in such a medium sized square ,the Tahrir square .
At the beginning I had a lot of scruples for missing such an event ,of not being in such a big square with the millions of people’s like missing a big Gig ,but it is unfair and even cruel to compare it to a gig because so many people got hurt during the event so I can not speak of it or even refer to it lightly GOD bless them.
But when i am there I try to look for any signs of fighting of people who were there. I didn’t walk in the square ,but when I am ridding in a cab I look around and I hardly imagine that millions of human beings were squeezed in this square,
there were huge blocks at the end of the street leading to square and USA embassy,they are gone now ,and the street looks much more better than it was just after the gig but still there are few iron walls built around the parliament and couple of governmental buildings.
But a true reminder of what happened that day was the burnt out building on the border of the Nile the head quarter of the democratic national party the party that ruled Egypt for 30 years, i never viewed it as a real political party, even the parliament I always viewed at the parliament as a play and all those national democratic politicians as players , all playing a lousy play an underrated play,they were persistently playing this play despite the audience loosing their interest and even BOOing at them and throwing them with tomatoes and eggs.
We needed change we needed a new script fresh players.
We don’t mind plays.
Shakespeare once wrote:”life is a big play”it is indeed.
So this building is now burnt out deserted and home for stray dogs.
It was situated next to the Egyptian museum ,this buildings shouldn’t have been there in the first place ,it should be taken down ,because it’s in the way between the museum and the Nile , although the high way is still there.
Any ways Egypt needs a cartographer an A* just like out first ancestors or any one with a good sense of beauty.
Someone once told me that Cairo is like a woman whom you won’t appreciate her beauty unless you look closely at her.





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