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Yesterday was the second to the last session for my Technical Writing class.

A-Plus-StudentBack on the first day of class, I asked the students if any of them thought they would be learning something useful out of this class.

No one, not a single student raised their hand. Technical Writing was a required course. They were in the class because they had to be not because they wanted to be.

The first day of class, I asked them to write a short paper. No one wrote more than 2 paragraphs and there was no rhyme or reason to what they wrote. It was nearly impossible for them.

This is good, I thought, I can work with this.

I’ve spent the semester teaching them how to organize their writing, how to identify the audience, tone, topic and purpose (ATTP.)

We’ve talked about brainstorming ideas on a topic and then grouping those…

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The picture within the picture

“Patience is the key to relief ” that’s the translation of the words written up behind the beautiful girl in the picture.
This is a very famous Egyptian idiom , patience is a virtue , we can be as patient and persistent as Tim Robbins in shawshank redemption.
Some people’s journey in this life can be as hard as the prison wall that Tim Robbins carved his way through for 15 years until he made it outside the prison walls.
A colleague once told me that she feels like Tim digging her way out the prison wall.
What kind of prison she were living in?
It’s hard life ,difficulties , the hardships of our training ,lack of resources and independence, this is prison and there are so many people digging their way out of it. But one have to get out in the right time otherwise be like Morgan freeman who gets free and doesn’t know what to do with his freedom.
Every corner radiates this ancient sensation, I guess the warm weather plays a role in keeping and preserving the original vibes .It holds on to vibes that were released by its original owners , the events that were taking place, even chaos and neglect can not obscure these vibes on the contrary it gives it a rush a crazy rush just by standing there as a contrast .it gives you the pleasure of digging up diamonds and gold nuggets in dangerous messy mines.
One can spot an Antique shop every now and then and my mum can tell which Antiques are genuine and which are not. She can just look up the piece and then for some reason decide to defy the seller and tell him cheekily :”nice piece of art , c ait été imitation” , she is Franco phone ,she speaks french very well , because in the past upper middle classes used to send their children to french schools like the mère de dieu , frère and jésuite and in these French schools usually it was the nuns who teached.
I love antiques and everything that is old ,probably because I spent so much time in the family villa when I was a kid , and when I speak of family I mean the roots I mean my mum’s grand father the woman he married and his eight kids and his grand kids and when I say his villa I mean an old Victorian house with a big Garden surrounding it with olive trees and other oriental exotic trees I don’t even know their names in English.the whole neighbourhood was made up of similar houses, but every thing has changed now every thing has gone.
Yes gone ,I did ask how far would anyone go In order to preserve his identity , I don’t know the family house is gone and I think the only person this place has ever evoked feeling in, was me , the high Victorian ceilings , the summer night chats of my mum’s aunts in the veranda and me dozing off while listening to their voices talking about people I can hardly imagine my connection to them. In the background was the cool refreshing summer breeze the enchanting voice of the curlew which I never heard it’s voice except in in Egypt ,the night breeze hustling around the leaves.
This was about the warm feeling this place has evoked in me at that time when I was a wild child . As for the physical pain there were the mosquito bites and snoring of aunties.
So while strolling in the streets of Alexandria a city very dear to my heart there are antique shops every where and my mum has a taste for art she lived in France for years but she has a genuine taste of art. She stopped at this shop in nabi Daniel street (prophet Daniel) named after one of the Jewish prophets and looked at paintings of these beautiful women one of whom had a PICTURE WITH IN A PICTURE with the word PATIENCE written up in it.
The painting is for sale
And the seller’s phone is wale and his phone is
Email :





Underneath the dust

“She is beautiful but her beauty is appreciated when you look closely at her”this is an expression I heard from someone but he was not talking about Egypt ,but the description fits her perfectly.
There is an ancient feeling emanating from its earth , there is a story in every corner, she has witnessed so many events and adventures, there is a sense of danger about her people , you fear them , yet they can be very kind and genuine , her people have a very rich genetic pool , just like the states , that’s what our physiology professor used to say about our genetics , we have been occupied by so many civilizations or cultures for over 3000 years, before that we had our unique hand made stone wall carved identity , and this identity was tarnished by some and polished by other invading civilizations, yet nowadays we are considered so powerful , and we are a strong player in the game of power balance in the world ,especially between States ,Middle East golf counties ,Europe and Russia ,our power doesn’t stem from arms but from us as people it’s called SOFT power ,so they say! I was surprised when I heard this expression , I heard them repeat this many times , well they have but rather we have our way of looking at life , every nation has it’s way at looking at things.
Every nation has it’s own perspective about things depending on its history and experience weather it has been invaded or an invader well it depends, but a common thing about all ancient countries is that this deep believe in the supernatural plus or minus submission to it or submission in general.
Submission comes from control and control is either physical or mental.
Ancient countries doesn’t need too much physical control.
There is something enchanting in every corner , so many intriguing stories full of manipulation , deceit ,passion anger and any feeling or attitude you can think of.
But the question is how far you can go to maintain your identity to and preserve it , we have a famous idiom “a trait extends to 7th grand father” meaning that you might have a trait tracking back to your great great grand father.
If there is anything real I want to say , is that there is a jewel hidden underneath all this dust and traffic chaos.