To me salvation is doing a good deed that salvage (rescue) your self. If you do something good out of genuine good will that would be payed back to you unexpectedly in a moment of need.

The key is do good for the sake of good, that’s how you get payed back!
Do no harm is good in itself.



Don’t flush your dreams down the Drain of life

Whatever happens to you in this world, no matter how carried away you are with your daily chores, routines. No matter how hectic things can be in your life. Try to hold on to your dream, the thing you imagined doing and made you happy. It’s only when this dream gets flushed away in the drain of life, you start ageing and reality starts biting you.
Hold on to your dream.



“It wasn’t life that mounted to nothing, but rather nothing which brimmed with life itself.” Parvis tanavoli, a quote written under a piece of art in the British museum.

Questioning the point of what we do, why? What’s the point? Is dangerous. It’s very close to questioning the point of our existence.
What we do, does it contribute to our existence.
What is existence and how is it going to pay us off?
We all live, we either live good lives, really good luxurious lives or bad really bad lives, but we all die at the end. Is this world enough to satisfy our desire for existence.
Time flies quickly, yet certain moments just sounds like they go on for ever this makes us think that life goes on for ever until we reach our fateful day.
Our existence what is it and are we supposed to do with it.

It would be painful if our existence is nothing

Our is existence means that: live it right, just do what is right, do no harm, have good intentions, always think of mighty GOD who brought us to existence and gave us the choice to our actions. So we would better live well because we
are going to be resurrected and we will live for ever after either in heaven or hell.