On writing 

Hello, first of all thank you for stoping by and allowing me to chat with you and as the French say :”coser aves vous”  I doubt I would be taken seriously as a surgeon if I announce myself a writer, I guess. The reason is that surgeons are very focused people, they have to focus on what they have to do, a single procedure requires training, first they have to figure out how to learn it, then they need to create an opportunity to do it independently and when they master it they need to get on going with new ideas and techniques.

Does a surgeon have time to sit down and “coser” or pour out his thoughts to the audience? indeed not. However, this is not entirely true, because there are so many surgeons and doctors who wrote books and stories, for example sir charles Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes, not only was he a writer he was a surgeon as well.

Professor Alberto Pena the GOD father of anorectal anomalies and PSARP, he wrote the book monologues of Paediatric surgeon, writing down his memoirs. There is a long list of surgeons who even wrote bestellers, but somehow doctors particularly surgeons when they write they tend to keep it formal as much as possible.

There was a famous Egyptian writer, Youssif idris, who was a surgeon, however, he was no formal writer, he was a fiction writer particularly short stories, he was the de mobassan of Egypt.

Once, I heard that he was nominated for the Nobel prize, but Nagib Mahfouz got it, Nagib Mahfouz got the prize, there were rumours that Naguib was in touch with jacklene Kennedy, I don’t know how accurate is this piece of information. Naguib Mahfouz got it for his book “men of our slum”, which I accidentally read it when I was 12 years old and two years later I witnessed an attempt on his life because he wrote this book as it was thought he was defying the status quo in religion. Youssef idris as a writer, he was so good, he was also involved in politics and very vocal,  it is said that he was a good surgeon.

Now I justify, to my self that I can write and practice surgery, a pen and a scalpel what more powerful tools do I need. Yes I need something more, I need to use them.

Writing is generally good for our health, it is cathartic.

Surgeons and doctors in general nowadays are obliged to write reports about their meetings, procedures, etc. Don’t one occasionally feel tempted to elaborate and write a book on his subject.

I can, yes I will, write.

If you reached that far in reading Then I would like to thank you very much.


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